Hairup Towel

Dry your hair quickly + gently minimizing frizz, split ends and hair breakage!
  • Extremely Soft. Super Water-Absorbent. Can hold up to 7 times its weight in water. Odor-free and machine washable.
  • Size: 10" x 26" / 23 x 64 cm. One size fits all.
  • Microfiber towels are ideal for everyday use at home, at the gym and for travel, it is the perfect accessory when using hair masks!

Use the HairUp in combination with our hair masks! Thanks to its flexible fit and its button, the HairUp sits optimally on the head without slipping, so the hair mask stays exactly where it belongs - in your hair. In the meantime you can sit back and relax - no mess, no stress!

Bend forward and let hair fall over your head naturally. While in this position, put on the HairUp with the button on the back so it covers your head and hair. Make sure the end of the HairUp towel covers your lengths. Wrap your hair up, twist and fold back the towel so that the rubber band meets the button on the back of your head. Button up and enjoy!

Insider Tips:

  • Dry your hair without heat by using your HairUp to absorb the excess moisture. So your hair stays shiny and healthy. The perfect soft touch for long and/or curly hair.
  • Use your HairUp for an overnight hair mask treatment for a perfect #pomelomoment. The flexible fit ensures that the towel stays on your head, even during your sleep. No stress - no mess!