Goji Gorgeous Energizing Hair Mask Goji + Jojoba Oil

The hair mask that brings your hair back to life!
  • Natural ingredients + vitamin-rich oils give your hair new-found energy and bounce
  • The jojoba oil reenergizes your hair
  • Free from harmful chemicals and other unnecessary ingredients
  • Good for at least 10 applications. Content: 100ml

Just like you, your hair goes through a lot every day. Intense styling, extensions, pollution and chemicals cause split ends making your hair appear dull and flat.

Show your hair some love and reenergize its bounce. Our combination of quality natural oils gives your hair with everything it needs to rebuild strength and shine. Enjoy #PomeloPower every day! Its fruity Goji fragrance will remind you of summer and make you feel fresh.

Ready for your hair fix? Place the mask in the fridge 10 minutes before use for it to have the perfect consistency. Rub (with a lot of love!) a tablespoon of the mask in your hands - it immediately becomes velvety, soft and creamy! Massage mask directly into your beautiful hair without wetting them, while focusing on the lengths needing more attention. Let the natural oils pamper your hair 20-30minutes. Damaged hair cannot get enough so the longer the better. Wash and style your hair as usual.

Repeat at least once a week and shine in dazzling splendor and strength!

Insider tip: For extremely dry lengths, the mask can also be used as a moisturizer "On The Go” to give your hair a kick. Just rub a very small amount into your lengths when you need it. This way your hair stays healthy around the clock!