Our Philosophy

pomelo gesichtsmasken

Our Mission is simple

We developed Pomélo + Co. to finally offer the most effective and transparent hair care brand, with only the good stuff; so women can continue to be busy without the worry about their beauty choices. Choosing the right hair care products should be easy and fun!

The key to beautiful hair is using the right ingredients, ones that support the hair's health. That's why we eliminate harmful chemicals in all our products and we pack them full of natural nutrients. We then create packaged small powerhouses that repair your hair and results in softness and glow. What we all want!

Inspired by our planet, we believe in the healing power of nature and we attach great importance to natural ingredients and their sustainability.

Our secret? No magic!


We choose the right ingredients that will effectively care for your hair. We do not like compromises, empty promises and harmful additives ...

All our products are completely free of parabens, sulfates, microplastics, mineral oils and synthetic perfumes. These additives damage the hair structure making it difficult for your hair to absorb the essential nutrients i.e. the good stuff.

natrual ingreadients

We believe in the healing power of nature and focus on quality and effectiveness. We combine ingredients because of their biocompatibility. Synthetic does not automatically mean bad. Certain ingredients are unfortunately allergenic in their natural state, which can make it dangerous for some. The synthetic version of those ingredients in particular, allows our hair care to be safe for all. Of course we will always prioritize natural whenever possible, and synthetic if it makes sense. All our products follow the European regulations for cosmetic products - the strictest regulations worldwide. We provide vitamin-rich hair care that boost energy, bounce and moisture. Give your hair an easy new start!